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Traditional Shoto- Kai Karate Federation India hereafter referred as T.S.K.F.I is a permanent organisation, founded in the year of 2016 by: Shihan Amit Gupta. The T.S.K.F.I has nothing to do with matters pertaining to politics, religion or race, and is a Non- Profit organisation. T.S.K.F.I. has the aim of promoting, organising, regulating and popularizing Traditional Shoto- Kai Karate. To fulfill our purposes,T.S.K.F.I. will follow the line, rules and goals established by the National Federation “Karate Association of India”. 
T.S.K.F.I. believes that "Shotokan Karate-do is the everyday study in pursuit of technical excellence & self-improvement." and that "Hard work under the guidance of a qualified coach is the only true way to produce long term results." We therefore, focus our efforts and activities strictly upon the analysis of, the understanding of & the improvement of the factors that affect our ability to achieve higher technical standards. The factors that are involved in the training of & coaching of Traditional Shotokan Karate-do. After all, any improvement in our personal technical standards and in the proficiency of our performance in the Art of Traditional Shotokan Karate-do, starts with and ends with us physically attending the Dojo and putting in the hard training hours. Our activities therefore, are geared around the improvement of performance. That's why the T.S.K.F.I. offers all of its members access to the following services :
Quality Coaching, Grade Recognition, and Approved subject related study resources.
You don’t need to be enormously talented, highly intelligent, rich or gifted to succeed in martial arts. You just have to persist in pursuit of your goals & not give up. We, Traditional Shoto-Kai Karate Federation at Brahampuri, Meerut, UTTAR PRADESH offer a variety of martial art programs at our facility, regardless of age or fitness level. Every student is important to us, we provide personal attention to help each student achieve his or her individual goals & objectives.
I started martial arts classes and they are fantastic! All of the trainers are very friendly. I would highly recommend to anyone interested.
Rohit Singh
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